1000 member logoNote: This blog post was written by NHS President Scott Richardson
The Seventh Annual Taste of Northfield will soon be upon us. This event continues to gather momentum and is rapidly becoming a staple of downtown Northfield’s summer season. Good food, good friends, a great community-builder.

Not far from the riotous activity, you’ll find the Northfield Historical Society. We’re inviting you to visit the Museum and the Museum Store that night for a “taste of Northfield history.” We’ll have extended hours and discounts on select Northfield apparel and museum tours.

We hope you like what you see. We hope you like it so much that you will consider becoming a member of the Northfield Historical Society. This spring we launched our 1,000 Member Campaign. Our aim is to add approximately 500 people to our membership rolls over the next three years.

Membership is critical to Northfield Historical Society for a couple of reasons. As with any nonprofit, membership represents a significant revenue stream year-to-year. We rely upon it to pay staff, heat the building and develop new and better ways of sharing the Northfield story.

Membership also translates into engagement. We are always looking for people who are passionate about this community and its rich historical legacy. They are the kind who volunteer in the Museum or the Museum Store, serve on the board or come up with great ideas for advancing the NHS mission. Every new member brings new energy and a new perspective. We rely on that to revitalize our organization year to year.

Stories are important. By learning more about the people who came before us, we gain a better understanding of the values that shaped the character of our community. We gain a better understanding of ourselves and of our place in the universe. We gain a better understanding of why we feel good about calling this place home.

Buying a membership is a little like buying a share of the Green Bay Packers. The dividend comes in the form of the spiritual connection. For as little as $40 for individuals and $50 for families, you will strengthen your identity as a card-carrying Northfielder. You will have a greater investment in the community’s past, present and future. You’ll feel like you’ve found a place to belong.

For more information about a membership to the Northfield Historical Society, go to the membership section of our website