NHS 40th logoWe are back up and running after the 4th of July holiday and a few staff vacations!  So lets jump back into it.

The response we received on our last poll for adding items to our next 40 for 40 exhibit was great! So here is the second one!

For the past seven months NHS staff have been developing the 40 for 40 exhibits. We have enlisted help of some of our NHS members, but now we are asking for some broader community input. We have narrowed down the final exhibit themes to ten possibilities. We only have room for five. Help us choose what goes into the exhibit.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting voting polls, pitting artifact vs artifact. At the end of the voting period, the top 5 artifacts/themes will be in the final 40 for 40 exhibit that opens in October.

The rules are simple, you can vote once per day! The artifact that has the most votes will be the winner!

Also, with all the time off, we seemed to have forgotten the History Footnotes, so here are the ones to get us caught up.

#11. “An organization of carpenters applied for a charter from the Minnesota Federation of Labor on February 5, 1920. Once the charted was granted, this group formed the first labor union in Northfield.”

#12. “Mayor Chas E. Bork published a notice in the July 29, 1920 issue of the Northfield News requesting that all Northfield citizens remove weeds from their front yards. He declared that his duty was to make Northfield look neat – ‘just a little neater than other cities.’”

#13. “The Fifth Street bridge over the Cannon River, costing the city $200,000, was dedicated on August 21, 1964. It replaced a through truss steel bridge from 1886. While some mourned the loss of this antique bridge, most residents were pleased with the openness and spaciousness of the new Fifth Street crossing.”