Old MainAt 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 26, a select group will begin a tour of St. Olaf and Carleton colleges. But this will be far from a tour for prospective students or returning alumni. Instead, the group of 25 will get to experience a less-than-public side of each institution as they learn about hidden monuments, secret breweries, and mysterious deaths.

The first half of the tour will feature Greg Kneser, vice president for student life at St. Olaf, explaining why nothing on the St. Olaf campus is named after the founder of the college, recounting the story of Ytterboe the Dog, and revealing a hidden monument to Ole Fugelskjell and the lawless brewery that once existed on campus.

Across the river, Carleton College Archivist Eric Hillemann will lead a tour of creepy, mysterious, and vanished Carleton that includes visits to Carleton’s “ghost” buildings and locations associated with stories of hauntings, as well as talking about the linked deaths of Burt Krayenbuhl and Roy Brees, the baleful “BOB,” and the tragic immolation of Colonel Ormsby.

A limited number of 25 tickets are available at $20 each. The group will stop for a break between campuses at Froggy Bottoms (no meal included). Transportation is being donated by Eco Trans.

Call the Northfield Historical Society at 507-645-9268 to reserve your spot today.