Silver StarsThe Base Ball Champions of Minnesota are back!  That is right, everyone’s favorite vintage base ball team, the Northfield Silver Stars have announced their 2012 schedule.

  • Saturday, June 23 — versus St. Croix Base Ball Club in Stillwater. This will be a combination of base ball and beer tasting. We each have our own label now.
  • Wednesday, July 4 — versus St. Croix in Northfield. I p.m. St. Olaf College, Old Main Field


The rules of 1860 have some very interesting differences to today’s game. The players do not wear gloves; if the ball is caught on the first bounce the batter is out; there are no balls or strikes called by the umpire – although a batter can still strike out if he swings and misses three times; foul balls are not considered strikes; and the base runners can be tagged out if they over run first base.