Silver STarsWhat an exhibition the Silver Stars put on at the Scott-Carver Steam Threshing Show last Sunday. The Stars took apart an under-manned Quickstep team 19-5 and then absolutely thumped a formidable team from Arllington 17-0.

The Stars played great defense all day long, getting to balls, making good throws to the right bases. The game was played on an improvised field, and, at times, it took some imagination to see a base ball match out there. The outfield was dotted with early 20th century farm equipment and out buildings. Outfielders chased fly balls at their own peril.

The Stars strikers put on a clinic. The Admiral and Barndoor Burton would occasionally stretch the field with a moon shot to left or right. Tornado Silkey and Cannonshot Richardson each tallied three times in each match. Lon Kruse scored five times on the day. Almost everyone scored in each match.

Sam “Texas T” Cattau, a Carleton College student, played his first match as a Silver Star. He acquitted himself well as our first base tender.

The Silver Stars are now 5-2 on the year. They travel to Menomonie, Wis on Saturday, Aug. 23 for two nine-stanza matches, one with the host Blue Caps and a second with the Rum River Rovers, who we defeated at Stillwater Logjam Days. Should be some fireworks at this affair.