Blue MugTwo things we can tell you about this item:
1) We’re making up the part about Jesse James mentioning coffee when he visited Northfield in 1876.
2) It’s blue and white and holds lots of coffee (or cocoa, tea, beer, etc.).

But look closer …
This is no ordinary mug. This mug has words on the front AND the back, so no matter how it’s sitting on your table, someone will be able to read something. And who doesn’t enjoy being reminded about what happened in Northfield on that historic day 136 years ago? Surely there’s someone near and dear to you who would enjoy getting this in the mail (we can pack it in a box for you) or seeing it under their Christmas tree … all for just $9.95

When you’re shopping locally in Northfield, be sure to visit the Northfield Historical Society store at 408 Division Street in historic downtown.