On Monday, NHS lost a founder and friend, Maggie Lee.  When I first took a job at NHS Maggie was one of the first people I met.  I could not believe the historical knowledge she kept in her head.  As the years went on, Maggie came to almost everyone one of our speaker events and always chatted with other members.  I will miss her smile and attitude about Northfield.  

She was one of the founding members of the Historical Society in 1975 and had served on the board many times.  She worked at the Northfield News for 68 years.  In 2009 Maggie was honored by the Defeat of Jesse James Days with the Joseph Lee Heywood Distinguished Service Award, that recognized her contributions to Northfield.  Maggie was also instrumental in getting the river-walk built.

RIP Maggie, you will be missed but not forgotten!