Civil WarThe Northfield Historical Society (NHS) will present the second in a series of talks commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War on Thursday, Nov. 15, 6 p.m. at Carleton College’s Weitz Center for Creativity, 301 Union St. Jim Stark, a student of the Civil War, will present on “Fort Sumter to Fredricksburg, 1861-1862.” He will trace the arc of the war’s early years, from its beginnings in the spring of 1861 at Fort Sumter to the Battle of Fredricksburg in 1862. He will describe the emotional and political climate that caused young men from North and South to rush into battle. He will speak of the first land battle in July of 1861 that left 850 dead and the bitter fighting to come at Shiloh, Seven Days, Antietam and then Fredricksburg. The program will be held in Room 236, the Larson Family Meeting Room, at the Weitz Center. There is no charge. For more information, call NHS at 507-645-9268.