Cemetery Stories 2011The Northfield Historical Society’s 8th annual Cemetery Stories will be held Saturday, Oct. 27, from 3:40-8 p.m. at the historic Northfield Cemetery.

The event features actors portraying five Northfield residents who were buried or soon to be buried at the cemetery. Cost is $4 for adults and $1 for children age 5-13. To reserve a tour time, call NHS at 645-9268.

Northfielders portrayed by costumed actors at this year’s event are: Hiram Scriver, Phoebe Persons, Anna Siverts and the Northfield Cemetery Gravedigger.

When Anna Siverts was 12 years old, she and her family were forced to flee New Ulm during the 1862 US-Dakota War. After the war, she and her family moved to Vang Valley in Goodhue County. In 1866 she moved to Dundas and became the seamstress for the Archibald family. In addition, she was also a witness to the September 7th, 1876 bank raid by the James-Younger Gang.

Hiram Scriver was born on April 22, 1830 in Hemmingford Quebec, Canada. He arrived in Northfield in June of 1856. He launched his first business venture by buying out N.B and T.R Coulson and used the building to create his own store. This small wooden structure was centered in the current location of Bridge Square. The original structure was donated to Carleton and this was later known as the Pancake House. He wanted a more permanent building to house a dry goods store. The new store was made with limestone making it the first stone building in Northfield.

Phoebe Persons was born on August 25, 1851. She and her husband, Newtown, were married in 1878. They operated a farm just outside of Northfield. They both kept a diary, starting in 1865, and, after Phoebe and Newton died, their children continued writing in the in the diary until the 1930s.

Northfield Cemetery Grave Digger will explain what a Potters Field is in a cemetery. He will also tell a story of two residents of the Northfield Cemetery who were removed from their grave shortly after being buried.

Northfield Cemetery is located across from the Northfield High School on Highway 246. For more information, contact NHS at 645-9268.