It’s wonderful having a museum in an historic building. The building adds to the ambiance of the story we’re telling. What’s not so great, though, is the amount of maintenance the building needs on a regular basis.   Even worse, sometimes, are the repairs, and have we experienced a doozy this week!

On Monday, November 11, we had a pipe leak in one of the collections rooms in the basement of the Scriver Building. We were able to save all of the wet collections and greatly minimize the damage done to them, but not so with the structure itself. We suddenly have a major reconstruction project on our  hands that we certainly never saw coming.  The joy of working in an old, historic building!

Coincidentally, it’s Give to the Max Day. Staff was prepared to give a few behind-the-scenes tours of the collection space, but we’ve had to cancel those. We can’t have the public walk into a construction zone! This day of giving across Minnesota would be a GREAT time to support NHS as we deal with a disaster.  

We are looking at a hefty bill between the costs of demolition of the damaged sheetrock, reframing and sheetrocking the soffit, potentially tearing up and reinstalling carpet, repainting , and finally cleaning up the basement and moving collections back into place. If you can help us defray costs – even a little – we would be grateful! And if you’d like to lend a hand when it’s time to move back into the space, please let us know.   We can always use great volunteers!


Join Us for Jigsaw Puzzle Night!

Join Us for Jigsaw Puzzle Night!

Join us for a Night of Puzzling Fun at Loon Liquors! Get ready to exercise your brain and enjoy a fantastic evening of friendly competition at our Jigsaw Puzzle Contest Night on January 22, 2024, from 6-8pm! Gather your squad of 4 and compete against other teams to...

Guided Tours Are Back!

Guided Tours are now available every Saturday and Sunday this summer. Guided tours Tuesday-Friday are offered by our Jr. Posse tour guides upon request. All Tours are voluntary and included in the cost of admission.

Outhouse Archeology with Sullivan Labno

Come join the Northfield Historical Society as we experience Outhouse Archeology with Sullivan Labno on August 19th from 10-2! The location for this free event is 613 Water Street South. This is a public event, and anyone is welcome to join.  Sullivan’s research...

A Sign from the Vault

While cleaning and putting the finishing touches on the bank prior to reopening last Thursday, Cathy and I discovered a big (and heavy) surprise in the vault; a cast iron sign with the words "DESIGNED AND BUILT BY HORACE E. HORTON ROCHESTER, MINN." After a moment of...

My Road to Northfield, Minnesota

I realize now that I have more in common with Jesse James than I thought I ever would; I’ve worked closely with my brother, traveled extensively through the American South, own a six-shooter, and came to Northfield, Minnesota to see the First National Bank. Having...

Who Is The Crazy Person With The Camera?

Maybe you’ve seen me around town in the last week, the crazy person with the camera. I’ve been walking around downtown taking photos of COVID-19 signage on the businesses. At a few places I’ve even taken photos of how business is being conducted in this new,...