The mission of the Northfield Historical Society is to connect individuals to the history of the Northfield area by collecting, preserving, and sharing its unique stories.

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The 1876 Robbery

Fran Hall Tin Can



$5 – Adults

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News and Press Releases

A Sign from the Vault

While cleaning and putting the finishing touches on the bank prior to reopening last Thursday, Cathy and I discovered a big (and heavy) surprise in the vault; a cast iron sign with the words "DESIGNED AND BUILT BY HORACE E. HORTON ROCHESTER, MINN." After a moment of...

My Road to Northfield, Minnesota

I realize now that I have more in common with Jesse James than I thought I ever would; I’ve worked closely with my brother, traveled extensively through the American South, own a six-shooter, and came to Northfield, Minnesota to see the First National Bank. Having...

Who Is The Crazy Person With The Camera?

Maybe you’ve seen me around town in the last week, the crazy person with the camera. I’ve been walking around downtown taking photos of COVID-19 signage on the businesses. At a few places I’ve even taken photos of how business is being conducted in this new,...