Cemetery Stories 2020

Guy ‘Barney’ Wells

Guy Wells served in World War I before becoming a Northfield police officer. His years as an officer were marked by difficult and sometimes tragic circumstances.

Performed by Jeff Sauve


Esther Wood

Esther Wood traveled to Minnesota in 1856. She braved the journey from Pennsylvania, met Wahpakute (Dakota) Indians, and kept the homestead going while her husband went to fight in the Civil War.

Performed by Emily Hazlett

Leonard Burr

Leonard Burr enlisted in the National Guard unit in Northfield before serving in World War I. He was newly married just before he shipped out to serve in the infantry.

Performed by Rob Schanilec

Deryl ‘Skip’ Boyum

Skip Boyum was involved with Northfield High School sports for a combined 86 seasons. He coached swimming, baseball, and golf. He was known for his trademark cheer on the sidelines of games.

Performed by Earl Weinmann

Milton Herkenratt

Milton Herkenratt was a World War I veteran that managed the Sumner Drake Farm. His wife, Ila, was a cook, and together they became popular hosts in Northfield for college parties and outings.

Performed by Travis Farrington

Maggie Lee

Maggie Lee worked her way up the ladder in the Northfield News office to become the first female editor of the newspaper. She worked there for 68 years and was a common figure around town dressed head-to-toe in purple and carrying a notebook.

Performed by Marie Gery

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