Annual Giving Letter, 2021

What does success look like for the Northfield Historical Society?

Is it adapting our in-person fundraiser to the virtual Prohibition Party? Is it new boilers replacing the broken ones, a fix that has been sorely needed? Is it creating the new walking tour, Northfield 1920s, and participants joining us in costume? Is it the creation of a history education focus group to guide educational planning for the school district? Is it 350 runners entering the Outlaw Run for the first LIVE run during the Defeat of Jesse James Days celebration? Is it visitors using the discussion prompts in the exhibit to dig deeper into the content presented in the exhibit? Or is it the hundreds of responses we’ve gotten from visitors on our talk-back board in the Sletten exhibit? Success has been all of these examples this year at NHS, and that success is due to the support and confidence our members, donors, and sponsor partners have placed in this organization.     

Even with success, NHS has a ways to go. We are still recovering from the pandemic. Our post-pandemic visitation numbers are hovering at two-thirds of “normal” numbers. The frequency of bus tour groups has dropped. Store sales are down. We have fewer volunteers. To top off the pandemic changes, we uncovered new structural damage to the building in the basement due to years of water seeping into the limestone. We have a ways to go in recovering and regaining a strong foothold in Northfield, but we continue to try.

As we head into the final weeks of the year, there is still time to help NHS continue its successes into 2022. Join me in donating to NHS during our year-end campaign. Yes, I am an employee entrusted to preserve our shared stories in the public trust, but more than that, I’m someone who believes in the role this historical society plays in our community. I believe in the power of history to unite us and give us all a sense of place and belonging. Your stories are the stories we share as our history. I donate to NHS and I hope that you will, too. Please join me in making a donation to continue building this community’s historical story.  

Here’s a peek at some of our annual costs:

Student Programs                      $2000

               Security System Monitoring       $850                    

Electricity (Including Heat)          $14,000

Elevator Maintenance               $2200

Building Maintenance               $4000

Printing                                        $2600

Collections Supplies                   $2000

   Mortgage                                      $15,000

Your donations help us with the educational and entertaining things we do

as well as keeping the lights on and the building heated.