Research and Collections

Archives & Research Library hours: Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (year round) By appointment only.

The Northfield Historical Society is proud to open our collection for any researcher.  However, due to limited staff, we ask that you email or call ahead (507-645-9268) and make an appointment.  If you schedule a visit in advance, we will follow up with your request they day of your visit.  If you do not make an appointment, we cannot guarantee assistance if you “drop in.”

To help maintain the collection, the Northfield Historical Society does charge for research services.

Resource Guide

Here is a Reference Collection Holdings List of our holdings at NHS.

Research Fees

No Cost- for the first two hours
*If your research request requires more than 2 hours we will charge $10.00 an hour to recoup costs associated with the request.

Genealogy Research
Conducted by Rice Co. Genealogy Society

Staff Assisted Research for Patron
(Personal Use) Free – first two hours
$10 each additional hour

Staff Assisted Research for Patron
(Commercial/ Business Use) $10 – first two hours
$20 each additional hour


Hard Copies–Black & white photo/document -regular paper (plus photo use charges below)       $.15/page
Color photo/document – regular paper (plus photo use charges below)                                      $.75/page

Scans (300 dpi unless higher requested/needed for publication)                             $10/page or photo
Copying to CD (plus scanning and photo use charges)                                               $2.00/CD


Photo use

Personal Use                                                                                                                                      No cost

Nonprofit Organization/Business                                                                                                              $10/photo

Publication (e.g., books, magazines, websites, etc.) (300 dpi/jpeg)                                       $20/photo

TV (600 dpi/TIFF)                                                                                                                               $50/photo

Film (600 dpi/TIFF)                                                                                                                            $100/photo

For any photo use, the researcher must fill out the request for photo usage proposal . In addition, you must agree to the permission and use terms for photographs. If you have any questions feel free to contact Executive Director Hayes Scriven at 507-645-9268

Example of charges for a member working with a non-profit organization
1 scan $10
1 CD $ 2
1 photo use $10
Total $22

To submit an online research request please use our contact page. Or call us at 507-645-9268 and ask for Hayes Scriven.

Research Room policies:

  • Pencils only
  • No digital Cameras or scanners
  • All researcher must work with staff (no browsing)
  • Photocopying is possible if original is stable
  • Use white gloves when handling objects or you must wash and dry you hand prior to handling artifacts
  • Allow staff to re-file files/photographs/objects
  • No food or drink.