Molly--2012 JLH Award WinnerToday, the Defeat of Jesse James Days Committee announced the 2012 Joseph Lee Heywood Distinguished Service Award Winner, Molly Woehrlin with a surprise party at NHS.

Molly Woehrlin’s finger prints are all over Northfield. It is hard to scratch the surface of almost any organization or issue in Northfield without finding Molly Woerhlin prominently featured.

She has been a catalyst for institutional and social change here for the last 50 years. Her role has been that of educator, advocate, politician and community organizer. Her habit has been to help convene people around important issues, start an organization or a movement, and once it is up and running, she moves on.

Her interests are many and varied. She has been an advocate for children with special needs. She has been involved in environmental issues. She was once a Rice County commissioner. She has been actively involved with the ABC program, the Northfield Historical Society board, the East Side Neighborhood Association, League of Women Voters, First UCC church and many, many other groups that have had a major impact on the life of this community

Through her imagination, leadership and sense of civic responsibility, Molly has helped shape the community culture that makes Northfield unique.

Congratulations Molly!