How Much Should History Cost?

I’ve worked admissions at the museum during the Defeat of Jesse James Days for 6 years now and I often see eyes rolling and sneers of disgust during Defeat weekend when visitors see that NHS charges admission to enter the museum. I’ll admit, it’s confusing when there...

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Join the NHS Adult Posse

The Northfield Historical Society is looking for individuals who would like to be tour guides at the museum this summer. Be a part of the Adult Posse and help spread the word about the momentous events in Northfield on September 7, 1876 when the bank was robbed by the...

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Paul Wellstone Remains Unforgettable

15 years after his death, Paul Wellstone remains unforgettable Those who knew and worked with the senator remember their first impressions of him. By Curt Brown The showers were cold at Carleton College 37 years ago. The bathrooms were dirty and the cafeteria was...

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Celebrating Preservation

Celebrating Preservation:  One Person’s Experience By Barbara Evans I’ve introduced projects and areas of historic architecture in Northfield as general topics.  Now I’ll introduce you to a single project and its engineer, HPC Commissioner Randy Lutz.  He was part of...

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Bank Raid Gallery

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