Permanent Exhibits:

James-Younger Gang Bank Raid

The Northfield Historical Society’s main exhibition tells the story of when the notorious James-Younger Gang attempted to raid the First National Bank of Northfield in 1876. The exhibit reveals the richer history behind Northfield’s most famous event through its display of photographs, documents, and artifacts from the time of the raid and beyond.

In this exhibit, you will learn about the outlaws Jesse and Frank James; Bob, Jim, and Cole Younger; as well as Clell Miller and Bill Chadwell; and why they came to Minnesota to rob a bank. But you will also learn about Northfield citizens who defended their bank and their town: heroes like Joseph Lee Heywood, Henry Wheeler, and A. R. Manning.

Features of the display include the bank’s ledger book, the single shot rifle Wheeler used to defend the town, reprinted photographs of the outlaws taken at death or capture, as well as saddles, firearms, and spurs.


Temporary Exhibits:

Currently under construction for 2019