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Posted: 11/6/2020

The Northfield Historical Society is seeking a qualified architect familiar with historic buildings to assess the condition of the Scriver Block in Northfield, Minnesota with the goal of preparing a detailed condition assessment that can be used as a planning document for future capital projects.  The Scriver Block is 152 years old and is showing its age through frequent pipe leaks, window problems, façade cracks, and drainage issues. The resulting guiding document will assist the Board of Directors in prioritizing needs and planning fundraising efforts.


About this Project

To understand the full picture of the building’s condition, it would be most beneficial for the chosen architect to plan on several visits to the Scriver Building to note seasonal changes or issues occurring. Minnesota weather has its extremes and the building reacts accordingly. Evidence of seasonal changes affecting the building may only be noted through multiple on-site visits.

The final product of this project will be a two part written report. The first part of the report should provide an historic chronology of the building, identification or description of existing building conditions and notations defining the features or significant construction methods (sketches or photos may be necessary.) Key details should include the results of the examination of the physical site, the structural and building systems, the windows and doors, the roof and all building materials, and the finishes applied to the building.  The second part of the report should cover the suggested interventions for the problems identified in the assessment.  Priorities and recommendations should be listed as well as initial cost estimates for needed treatments.

Of note, this project will be administered and conducted in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Archeology and Historic Preservation (as published in the Federal Register of September 29, 1983), the Historic and Architectural Survey Manual (June 2017), and the SHPO Manual for Archaeological Projects in Minnesota (July 2005).


Minimum Requirements of Applicant

  • Professional degree in architecture or a State license to practice architecture
  • At least one year of graduate study in architectural preservation or American architectural history or preservation planning or a closely related field
  • At least one year of full time professional experience assessing or consulting on historic preservation projects
  • Previous experience writing condition assessments for historic buildings


To Apply

Create a project proposal detailing how the project would be accomplished with a rough timeline. Include a summary of qualifications and at least two references for similar projects. Submit a bid that includes on-site visits, travel, draft assessments, consultation with the director, and a final presentation of the assessment to the Board of Directors.

Submit questions and application materials to: Cathy Osterman at osterman @northfieldhistory.org

Due Date: November 30, 2020


Click here for a downloadable  Request For Proposals