Conducting Research

The collection at NHS reflects the Northfield and Dundas area, ranging from the mid-1850s to the present. Areas of concentration include business and organization files, corporate archives, and the research collection of noted James-Younger Gang historian, John Koblas. NHS also has genealogical records, family histories, and local photographs. 

If there is an item of interest to you, a topic you are researching, or a family member you are seeking information on, please contact the staff at NHS. You may be invited to make an appointment to do your own research or a staff member may be able to assist you and correspond via email to answer your questions or provide information. 

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that a staff member will be available to assist you if you stop by the museum without making an appointment. Please contact us prior to your visit.


Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
By appointment only

To make an appointment, email or call us at 507-645-9268.

Click here to see what materials NHS has in its collection.

To view the Malt-O-Meal Collection Finding Aid, click here.

To view the Sheldahl, Inc. Collection Finding Aid, click here.


Self-Conducted Research – Free

Staff-Conducted Research for Personal Use
Free – First two hours
$10 – Each additional hour

Staff-Conducted Research for Business/Commercial Use
$10 – First two hours
$20 – Each additional hour

Photo Copies
Free – Up to 10 copies
.25¢ – Over 10 copies, each page

Digital Scans for Personal Use
Free – Up to 10 images
$5 – Over 10 images (per page/photo)
Free – Email, Dropbox, Personal Thumb Drive
$2 – NHS provides CD

Digital Scans for Business/Commercial Use
$10 – Each photo
The Request for Photo Usage form must be completed and signed.

Digitization of Collections for Publication or Media Use
$20 – Print or digital publication at 300 dpi/JPEG (per photo)
$50 – TV at 600 dpi/TIFF (per photo)
$100 – Film at 600 dpi/TIFF (per photo)
The Request for Photo Usage form must be completed and signed.

Research Requests

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How can I access the archives?

Please contact NHS to make an appointment to conduct research.

Phone: 507-645-9268

Or use the contact form on this page.

Why do I need an appointment?

NHS does not have a staff member dedicated to research requests nor does NHS have a research center. Researchers are asked to make appointments so that the staff can plan to be available for assistance. Many times the staff can work with a patron via email and provide resources without a visit ever being needed.

Who can use the archives?

Anyone with an appointment, member or non-member.

How do I make the most of my visit?

Please briefly describe your project or research question to the staff prior to your visit. The more specific you can be and the more details you can convey, the better able the staff will be to locate sources that meet your needs. Staff aims to have materials ready for your immediate use when you arrive on site.

What can I bring with me to do my research?

You may bring in a laptop or iPad. Materials may be photographed using a cell phone, iPad, or camera but no additional lighting may be used in the research room. All food and drink must be left outside the room and pencils are to be used when taking notes.

Can I check out materials?

NHS does not lend out materials. Researchers are encouraged to take notes or make copies of relevant resources, scheduling multiple appointments if it is not possible to get through all the materials in one appointment.

How can I search the archives?

NHS does not have an online catalog for researchers to use. Researchers must work with staff to describe their project or question and the staff will locate the resources NHS has that can be used.