Condition of Item

For the protection and preservation of the donated item, as well as those already in the collection,

  • It be free from dust and dirt, and clean as possible.
  • Textiles must be washed, if possible (not starched); items not washable must be recently dry cleaned. Woolen items must arrive at the museum dry cleaned.
  • The physical condition of the items should not endanger any other items in thecollections or create a safety hazard such as combustible or toxic materials.
  • The physical condition of the item must be sufficiently sound that conservation is feasible or has the potential to be restored to a sound condition.
  • The Society must have the resources to properly store, protect and preserve the proposed acquisition. ¬†¬†Special conditions or care for maintenance of the item must be identified.
  • Missing and/or replacement parts should be identified on Gift Agreement form.

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