Archives/Acquisitions Policy

Work Study Student The mission of the Northfield Historical Society archive is to collect, preserve, and provide public access to those documents and artifacts relevant to the history of Northfield and surrounding areas. Items in the collection have been deemed significant or potentially useful in advancing understanding about the lived experience in Northfield, past and present. The collection aims to complement rather than duplicate other community and county archives, including those housed at St. Olaf and Carleton colleges and the Rice County Historical Society.

Acquisition Policy

The Northfield Historical Society (NHS) is grateful to prospective donors who have generously decided to entrust their artifacts to the care of NHS.  Careful thought and several considerations are given when accepting a donation to be confident the item contributes to our local history, is not duplicative, and can be given appropriate care.   The specific decision considerations for acceptance of a donation follow:

  1. Does the donor have clear title to the item?
  2. Does it have a place in the history of Northfield and the surrounding area ?
    • Northfield
    • Rice County
  3. Does it add breadth or depth to one of the identified priority areas of the current collection?
  4. Is it adequately documented?
  5. Does the condition or nature of the item suggest it could be well maintained by NHS?
  6. Does NHS have the space in which to exhibit or store it?


Acquisitions Process

The acquisitions process outlined below is designed to assure clarity about the decision process, and the agreement, if the decision is to accept the item.

  1. To assure that your possible donation is given appropriate consideration, please make an appointment in advance before bringing the item to the museum for an initial assessment.  You many want to bring a picture; NHS personnel may need to visit the location of large items.
  2. If the initial staff assessment is that the item may be appropriate for the collection, the donor will be asked to complete a gift agreement and accession receipt form that will help inform the final acquisition decision.  The form requests background information about the item and the conditions of the donation, loan or purchase.
  3. The donor will be notified of the acquisitions decision, and, if accepted, will be requested to return the signed gift agreement and accession receipt form to NHS.  The agreement form will contain any restrictions or limitations on the acceptance by NHS.
  4. The donor can expect to receive a copy of the Gift Agreement and Accession Receipt form.