Please Support the Northfield Historical Society in 2020

The Northfield Historical Society has had another successful year in 2019. Last year at this time, we raised funds for desperately needed capital expenditures as well as raising funds to update our raid exhibit. With the generous support of our donors, most of these goals were reached. We’ve had our security system upgraded with more alarms and sensors, and our fire detection system is now wireless with brand new smoke detectors in place. As for the upcoming raid exhibit, the new text panels are being designed as we speak and much of the exhibit space will close in late December as painting and construction begin. Your donations have helped make all of this possible!

Looking ahead to 2020, NHS has two new fundraising efforts for your consideration.  

Technology Upgrade – I can’t tell you when the last time was that NHS upgraded our technology. Three of our five computers need to be replaced immediately or we risk catastrophic loss of information. Our technology advisors tell us that if we are upgrading three of the computers, it would be more cost effective to upgrade all five at once rather than postpone the inevitable with the other two computers. We have also experienced network issues between the computers for quite a while, so re-working the network and backup system is part of our technology plan for the year.

 Capital Campaign – our balloon payment on the mortgage we took out for the 2010 accessibility project is due in June of 2020. NHS would like to reduce the principle of the loan with a large payment prior to refinancing. Lowering our monthly payments will allow us to begin planning for the next capital projects looming ahead of us, including upgrading our HVAC system and exterior painting.    

 NHS is always trying to improve what we offer our public and encourage a deeper understanding of the history we share.

With strong support from our members, donors, sponsors, and friends, we can invest in NHS’s future while preserving its past. Won’t you consider contributing to NHS’s continued success within our community today?