NHS is Planning Two Major Projects in 2019


The Northfield Historical Society has experienced a very successful year in 2018, made possible, no doubt, by the generous support of our members, donors, sponsors and friends. While we work daily to preserve the past, we also look ahead to the future. The staff and Board of Directors are committed to keeping Northfield’s history accessible and relevant to our community. The two main projects that NHS will be tackling this coming year improve different areas of the museum but are equally necessary as we move into the future. 

Capital Campaign – Did you know that NHS is still paying off the loan it secured for the accessibility project in 2010? It’s true. The Society owes several thousand dollars more to become debt free. Additionally, there are building improvements that need to be made to assure that the 150 year old Scriver building stays structurally sound and the items it holds are thoroughly protected. In the coming year, NHS will be making an upgrade to its security and fire alarm system. The current system has been in place for many years and advances in technology have made our current system obsolete. If the system breaks, it cannot be fixed. The estimate for replacement of the two systems is around $10,000.

Exhibits – Did you know that the current exhibit on the 1876 bank robbery was installed in 2005? The exhibit is nearly fourteen years old and well past its prime. NHS staff has been working for the last three years to research and draft a new exhibit script as well as design a new look and feel to the exhibit. Plans for the exhibit will showcase more artifacts and bring to the forefront more of the Northfield story featuring our heroes prominently. NHS will work throughout 2019 to be able to install the new exhibit a year from now. The entire project is estimated to cost about $35,000. 

The staff and Board of Directors at NHS are never satisfied to rest on their laurels.  We would like to improve what we offer our public and encourage a deeper understanding of the history we share. The two projects outlined above are ambitious, but with strong support from our members, donors, sponsors, and friends, we can invest in NHS’s future while preserving its past. Won’t you consider contributing to NHS’s continued success within our community today?